Monday, 11 April 2011

Taylor's Take on Day 4: Basketball Tournament

Nate Harris drives to the hoop in the first game of the tournament.  We won this game by 2 points.  However, this team was the eventual tournament champions.
Yesterday morning began like any other with another more than filling breakfast. The only difference about that day was the fact that at the JCCV next door held a basketball tournament which some of us students took part in. There were six teams including ICS and five local teams. The ICS team consisted of Ian, Nate, Taylor M., Andrew K., Tanya, Ryan, Jabez, Robert, Easter, a Philopino kid named Fritz, and me. The games commenced at 9:00 and lasted all the way until 5:00 in the afternoon. Lunch was even provided for all the players. At the end of the day, ICS walked away with two wins, one loss, and the pride of third place. Ian and Nate both came up big in our games and everyone played hard. We played 110%, left it all on the court, and gave all the glory to God. The winning team received a jersey for each player and a new basketball. The coolest part of the tournament wasn't the basketball, though. It was the opportunity we had to talk with them. After the first two games the KIM director's son, Kirk Long, shared his testimony with the kids, and right before lunch Ryan Stakes and Easter were even able to share some of their testimonies. It was cool seeing everyone united under one sport. We were able to talk to the kids in between games and everyone was having a good time. Even after the tournament was over, kids were still hanging out and shooting hoops. Ian and Nate were even invited to go to someone's house to play more basketball. Overall it was just an awesome experience and it was great seeing how we impacted the lives of all the kids that came to play.

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