Thursday, 7 April 2011

Before Manila happened...

Taylor Flemming and I(Andrew Nguyen) experienced one of the most unexpected miracles to happen. We went to West Coast Plaza and we were looking to buy childrens vitamins. I only had 20 dollars and was planning to buy two bottles. Until the people working there, overheard that I was buying these for an orphanage in Manila, Philippines. They offered to donate through me to give to the orphans and I ended up coming out with 10 bottles of vitamins. Adding up to 500 pills, enough to sustain a child for more than a year. It was a blessing that we knew would only come from Jesus. Even before the trip, God has shown His great love for the orphans and He has prepared us greatly to be a blessing to them. We hope God will show his mercy and grace as we board the airplane. Praise God for this and many more to come.

ICS Manila Philippines Service Team


  1. Praise the Lord! May the Spirit of God be with everyone, and May God use each and every one of you as the conduit of His blessings!
    - Ezra's Dad -

  2. This is a great testimony to start off the trip! May the Lord show you many more miracles this week as you all live in His goodness!