Thursday, 7 April 2011

Faith of a Parent

To all the parents of students on the Week Without Walls team Manila, I, Sam Fleischmann on behalf of  Alicia Bandy, Don Cole, and Noelle Fleischmann would all like to thank you for your commitment to International Community School, your trust imparted to us as leaders of this trip and your faith in God who loves each of us so deeply.

I, am excited about this trip, this opportunity for 25 young men and women to travel to an area of the world where poverty is prevalent, the economic gap is vast, corruption is not uncommon and yet the people are some of the friendliest in the world.  This opportunity for young men and women to observe God's work being done through feeding programs, orphanages, schools, Bible Studies and the sport of basketball will make a mark in each students life. I pray the mark is a positive one that draws them closer to the Lord.

Please continue to pray with and for us.

This blog will be updated twice daily. Please check back often.  If it is not updated, we are having internet connectivity issues and will seek to remedy that as quickly as possible.


Sam Fleischmann

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