Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Feeding with Juheon and Tanya

Ju Heon and Tanya at the start of a house in "Tent City" 

Tanya and Sam in a completed, yet to be occupied house in "Tent City"

Ju Heon lending a helping hand to the community. 

Tanya with two girls about to take a shower at the water pump

Ju Heon and Tanya in a completed and occupied house in "Tent City" 10 people live in this house. 
We had two huge containers filled with rice chicken porridge. When we arrived and were still in the van, there were already kids lining up with their empty bowls. Most kids would bring large pitchers to get enough food for their big family. Everyone was very welcoming and even when it was apparent they did not have much, they were still very happy. There was a point where a family allowed us to enter their house and pray for them. In that community, there are about 1100 people. They were hit by a typhoon and the Philippine Red Cross and other organizations helped them settle down and have a safe home. The housing style was the same throughout and organized. Most houses were personalized, so that they would feel at home. The families would get their water supply from the hand pump, where we saw some kids taking a shower. Overall, this experience makes us realize how fortunate we are and how precious life is. Even in bad circumstances, we can still find happiness in our family, friends, and Jesus!

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