Thursday, 14 April 2011

Josie's Angels & the J Salon

Josie Long  with some of her Angels!

More of her Angel's

Josie Long is the daughter of Jeff Long, who is the founder of Kid's International Ministries. In addition to helping out with KIM, Josie runs two of her own ministries here in the Cuatro Community, called Josie's Angels and the J Salon.
Josie's Angels is a ministry for girls in the community between the ages of 8 and 16. It started about one year ago when Josie constantly had a few local girls hanging around her. She had an idea to make something out of it by starting Josie's Angels. The purpose of this ministry to is to reach out to the young girls in the community and help them to break the cycle of life that is so common to women in the Philippines. Many women never finish school and instead they get pregnant at an early age. Josie helps lead these girls to Christ and encourages them to stay in school. She holds weekly Bible studies and takes the girls on outings. In one year, Josie's Angels has grown from 9 to 53 girls. This ministry is constantly growing because the girls involved have a large influence on other girls in the community. When they see what Josie's Angels are doing, they want to be invloved. Josie's Angels also has plans to open a home for girls in the community this June. This ministry has a positive impact on the community because it is helping girls to realize that they can achieve more in life and it helps bring them to closer to God.\
The J Salon is another ministry that Josie started. Josie attended cosmetology school back in the US, but decided that she didn't want to stay there. She had a vision to use the skills she had learned to help the women in the community. One year ago, Josie started the J Salon by teaching local women what she learned in cosmetology school in order to give them skills that they can use to make money. This ministry also helps women to break their cycle of life and gives them a chance to make their own living. There are currently 6 women working in the J Salon that are all strong Christian women. It has given these women the opportunity to share their testimony with others and lead them to Christ. It also encourages other women and shows them that they too can make a living.
Please pray that God would continue to bless Josie and this ministry.

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  1. I love reading how God has used the Long family to so greatly influence members of this community.