Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Seeing Manila Through Andrew's Eyes (Day 5)

 All of the cynder blocks that we passed up four flights of stairs.

Taylor and Thomas collecting the bricks on top of the roof.

Today we did construction! We started our day bright and early to hull cement blocks up 4 stories using a human chain, passing it along. It was tiring but I got to stay on the top which was really windy. The cement block passing was soon finished in an hour and many of us split up into different groups. Some were working on the two houses, taking out nails of the wood we had piled there. Others were bringing down wood from a building and people were taking out nails from that wood. Lastly, some helped clean and paint the balcony area to prevent it from leaking through to the salon and weight room below. Many of us worked hard to finish our jobs and I heard of many doing it in record times. Only 5 of the guys at one of the houses moved almost half of all the cement blocks earlier in the day to another place. We all had a long day of work, but we surely did do a lot today. Many of us came home with sunburns and scratches, but we all smiled when we looked at the work we had done. Overall, God gave us the strength today to do a lot, and we will surely finish quickly on both houses and balcony area. Pray for no more injuries and for us to work dilligently.

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