Saturday, 9 April 2011

Prayer Walk Through The Community

 This is Russel Phillips.  He and his family moved to the Philippine two months ago.  He is the short term Mission coordiantor here for K.I.M.  He led us on our prayer walk.
                                                        Here are some house here in Manila.

This is some of the land that K.I.M hopes to build some homes on someday.  Please pray that God would provide the $80,000 U.S. dollars it will take to do this project.

One of the many basketball courts here in Manila.  These kids were small, but man could they shoot!! :)

This is the Cuatro Community Church that K.I.M. partners with.  K.I.M helped them to build a bigger building.

This is a room in the church set aside for dental work to be performed for kids in the community that need it!

One of the classrooms inside of the church/school.

 On the TOP of church building is this basketball court.  It is surrounded by a fence!  Last year our boys got to play a game on this court!
Hair cut time!

                                                          Children in the community!

Please pray for this community.  Pray that God will continue to provide for their needs!

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