Saturday, 9 April 2011

Taylor's Take on Day 2

The day began bright and early with a more than satisfying breakfast at 6:30. Right after that we all got ready to go out into the surrounding community not only to look around and get a feel for it, but also to pray. We started our pray walk going up to the New Faith Family Children's Home just up the road. This is the orphange where we will be spending a lot of our time playing with kids. We continued from there to Cuatro Community Church where weekly services are held by a local pastor, and it is the same building where 220 kids go to school at the Cuatro Christian School. On the way there, our "tour guide", Russel Philips, told us many of the miraculous stories of how this community came to be what it is today. One such story was of a young American teaching in Korea, Amos, who donated $100,000 to the KIM (Kids International Ministries) organization. He had visited in 2006 and fell in love with the Philippines and KIM. Soon after he returned to Korea, and he got married to a young woman named YunJin. Sadly, just tweenty days after their wedding, YunJin died in a tradgic car accident. Amos decided to donate all of YunJin's insurance money to KIM, and it was the perfect timing too. At the same time the money was donated, a building opened up for sale just a five minutes walk from the Cuatro Community Church. Not only was it the perfect timing, price, and place, but it was also the perfect size. You see, before this time teams that came through stayed at the church which wasn't very big and it got really crowded with the school, church services, and teams. Now, with the new place, they could let teams stay in a much larger and more comfortable place. It also allowed the founder of KIM and his family to move in and live a lot closer to their ministry. It just so happens to be the very place we are staying right now, and it is called the YMC (I do not know what it stands for). God used a tradgady to bless KIM and to get all the glory for the miracle. After praying over the church, we continued on to see a couple of the houses built by teams over the years. These were houses built for different families in the community to give them a place of their own so that they need not worry about being kicked off the land. One of the houses was even set up as a water station, and the family staying there was able to make a living. Now, people in the community can get clean drinking water for just one peso per gallon (which is a very good deal). Throughout the "tour" we also were able to see a few plots of land that KIM is hoping to buy and develop. We prayed over the land that God would provide the resources needed for KIM to be able to build more houses for other families without a house of their own. Our walk was now at an end and we headed back to the YMC. It was very obvious to all of us that God's hand is at work in this community, so join with us in praying for KIM and all that they do here in Manila, Philippines.

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