Sunday, 10 April 2011

Day 3 According to Taylor and Andrew

Taylor and I had a special opportunity to really search deeper into the culture of the Phillipines today! We were taken with a small group to go visit a village, with a lady named Miles, that was all made out of people called "squatters". Squatters are people who build homes out of many items and live on people's land. These type of people are always in fear of losing their home and that the landlords will force them off. We went to the village with food and bibles. When we arrived there were kids by the hundreds! They followed us around as we did a prayer walk through the village and we even held the kids' hands. We prayed all around the village, and prayed especially hard for those kids because we think God was really telling us that they need it the most. We ended the prayer walk around the village by giving the kids food. The kids brought many things to hold it in : pots, bowls, and anything that resembled it. After, we brought most of the kids in our cars to Miles' house. The ride was fun and it even featured a song called "Baby" by Justin Beiber. We hung out with the kids at bible study at Miles' house and were blessed with an impromptu preaching from Mr. Fleischmann. We thank God that this opportunity was given to us, and hope that you can pray for this village to be lifted of the burden that they might be forced out of their home.

Hae Song Feeding the children!

                   Mr. Fleischmann praying with the Pastor and his wife.
               Andrew and Nate with some kids from this community!

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