Friday, 15 April 2011

Seeing Manilla Through Andrew's Eyes(Day 6)

The day started out with the same routine. Shovel sand here. Make cement there. Take out nails here. Until it was 11:30 and the routine was thrown out the window. It was time for Daranak Falls, which is a place where it features a 40 to 35 foot waterfall and blue as the sky water. We all packed our towels and brought many kids with us. As we arrived and walked a little through the jungle, the immense waterfall unfolded unto our eyes and smiles were popping up like popcorn. While many kids eased themselves into the water, I jumped off the side where the cool water revitalized me after the work in the morning. Although many kids soon succumbed to the chilly water and sat out, there were tons others enjoying it. Many did the following: eat their favorite snack( mine is cheezewhiz and ritz. I have a weakness for cheese spread), jump into the water off a little cliff on the waterfall, and chill under the sun. The kids told me how much they enjoyed it, and overall, it was a much needed break from routine.

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