Monday, 11 April 2011

Seeing Manila through Andrew's eyes (Day 4)

Today I was given the job, before anybody, was to accompany Haeyoon Choi to the nursery at the kids' home. Before going to the nursery, I got a chance to practice on our team's baby, Baby Fleisch! Mr. Fleischmann showed me the ropes, and I successfully changed the baby's diaper with ease. We even taped it! As Haeyoon and I walked into the nursery, I was surprised to see there were not as many is I imagined and were a lot more quiet than what I thought. I was given the task to take 4 three and four year olds to the playground and to watch over them. A bond quickly formed with these kids, and I shared a special moment with a 3 year old girl named Princess. She was cute and oustanding in intellect above her peers. We found a cross on the floor and she hummed "Jesus loves me". We both quickly broke into singing when we hit the chorus and she kept up the whole time, remembering all the lyrics to the song. I felt she was far older than her age and I pray that she would use that talent of learning things so fast for the glory of God. The nursery quickly died down after I brought the kids inside and we settled down with a movie. I left, giving a special hug to Princess, and with a soft voice from God. He told me once again God is in love with each kid in this home, and He knows that I am beginning to love each and everyone one of them too. Whoever is reading this blog I ask for the following: pray for Princess, pray for God's love to break every negative bondage in their life, and pray for our teammates ( for them to open their hearts to the kids, and for the kids to help them too ).

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  1. Bring a tear to my eye and a prayer to my heart!